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Assistance in terms of training for agriculture entrepreneurs or usahawan tani in Malaysia are lots. Most of the trainings are headed by the respective departments (jabatan) from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The courses listed below are organized by Department of Agriculture (for more information, visit Department of Agriculture Training Courses:

  1. Agriculture Certificate Training Programme (Program Latihan Sijil Pertanian)
  2. Program Latihan Inkubator Usahawan Tani
  3. Program Latihan Sijil Kemahiran

—-Program Latihan Inkubator Usahawan Tani

Are you particularly interested in having your own land and selling your own crops by being an agricultural entrepreneur? Well now is your chance! Inkubator emphasizes lots of hands-on training and at the end of the programme, you get to commercialize your crops at the TKPM area or your own land.

Eligibility (recommended for graduates):

  • 17 – 34 years old
  • Completed SPM examination

Period of study : 8 months

What you will learn? (I retrieved this from the website, if you want to have a look at it yourself: Program Inkubator Usahawan Tani):

  • Pengenalan Program Inkubator.
  • Pelan Perniagaan.
  • Jentera/mesin kecil pertanian.
  • Pelaksanaan projek tanaman terbuka.
  • Pelaksanaan projek tanaman sistem fertigasi dan struktur pelindung hujan.
  • Pelaksanaan projek tanaman menggunakan struktur kalis serangga
  • Rekod ladang.
  • Pemasaran Keusahawanan.
  • Lawatan sambil belajar.
  • Penyediaan cadangan projek selepas kursus.

When is the programme?

Every year, the Department of Agriculture would take intakes early in the year. For example, the 2009 intake was in February. Please be mindful that the application start 5 months before like that so keep a lookout on the application. The 2009 intake was on October 2008.

How do I apply for this programme?

Headquarters of Department of Agriculture at Putrajaya. For more information you can contact the Department of Agriculture at: +603 8870 3000 or the website.

—-Advance Certificate Training Programme

The benefits of getting this certificate is to make you be competent in the skills and agriculture technology. At the same time you prepare for the basics of an agriculture entrepreneur.

Period of Study : Approximately 2 years (2 semesters per year, 72 credits)

What do you learn?

Among the notable ones are Land Management, Agriculture Entrepreneurship, Food Processing Technology, Crops Management and many more. (Should you like to know more go to “Kategori Matapelajaran Yang Ditawarkan“)

It’s really useful for starters which would really want to venture into the agriculture sector by getting some technical knowledge before starting your business.


  • Malaysians aged 17-25 years old
  • Completed SPM examination (Passed Bahasa Melayu, Maths, Add Maths)
  • Passed the interview
  • Single

You can apply for the programme on March every year at the main headquarters, Jabatan Pertanian Putrajaya. Or you can contact Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia at +603 8870 3000 or the website.


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