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Whatever the terms maybe in Malaysia, micro loan has one sole purpose which is to provide financing for those that do not possess collateral or guarantor. My first encounter and research on micro loan was during my Islamic finance class. I came to know about Grameen Bank and its activities which provided such services and its contribution so significant, the founder Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel Prize!

So what is micro loan for?

I’ve posted a post related to micro loan but here I will be more specific. Micro loan has the following features:

  • Short disbursement time than other loan application
  • Loan amount is usually less than RM50,000
  • No guarantor needed or guarantor with minimum income of RM1,000 below (penjamin)
  • No collateral needed (tiada cagaran ke atas aset persendirian, tanah ke ape, etc)

If you need information on previous posts about micro loan, you can click the links below:

So what are the available micro loan from Malaysian private banks? You can click the link below to go to their site for more clarification but the above characteristics still apply.
(P/S: for complete comparison table and contact number, you can download here from SMEINFO: Comparative Table on Pembiayaan Mikro)

What you need to keep in mind when applying for micro loans?

  • Micro loans are not for the purchase of fixed assets! Usually it’s in the form of working capital or capital expenditure. Don’t expect to buy machinery with this loan.
  • Be ready with your previous audited financial statement or your bank statement accounts (3 months)
  • Be sure to check the micro loan is for business expansion or startup. If startup, try Skim Tabung Ekonomi Belia as above.
  • Of course, you have to be Malaysian and usually 21 years old above.

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